Power Within Results

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About Our Therapists

Sheila Nielsen B.A., CCHt

Behavioral Therapist/ Instructor for Hypnotherapy Professional College

Specializes in Distant Therapy and Sports Enhancement

Eureka, Montana


Sheila has been involved in Hypnotherapy personally since 1987; introduced to Hypnotherapy as a teenager, the experience changed her outlook and the direction of her life.

In 1986, Sheila broke her neck and back in a car accident and was told she would never walk again. However, due to Hypnotherapy, biofeedback therapy and other alternative medical practices she was able to make a full recovery. Sheila has been an executive and business owner over the last 27 years; Sheila was a brand development manager for companies such as Guess, Harley Davidson,

Fletchers fine Foods and many others. She was also the founder and consultant for Divorce Consultants, a company that counseled families on divorce disputes and custody arrangements to keep the families out of court. Sheila founded the Power Within Results to offer an alternative solution for individuals and families who face behavioral issues such as suicidal tendencies, addictions, depression, PTSD and many other disorders. Power within is for people who are simply interested in Personal development in their professional or personal lives. Our program helps clients to move forward, put the past behind them, and end any destructive behavior they might have. We teach coping skills to our clients that help them throughout their lives, giving them tools to use in every situation, and helping them to live a productive, happy, and fulfilled life.

Walter Ernst, CCHt

Behavioral Therapist

Eureka, Montana

Direct Line: 406-334-0646

Walter brings 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the construction and real estate industry, and he has over 30 years experience in martial arts as an instructor and a competitor.

Walter has practiced the art of Meditation and Kung Fu along with several different arts over the last 30 years. He is a Kung Fu Master Martial artist who has dedicated most of his life to teaching others to control their emotions and to find different outlets besides hurting others or themselves when dealing with their destructive behavior.

Over the last 25 years Walter has volunteered his personal time to the youth in his communities as a hockey coach, Kung Fu instructor, a divorce counselor, and a personal development advisor to the youth. Walter has a vast understanding for especially active, angry or depressed teenagers, and has a communication style that easily connects with teens from all backgrounds. Using his alternative methods of mentoring along with training, he is able to help them to control their behavior using meditation, Kung Fu, Ti chi, and hypnotherapy.